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Pack 39 Extras

The Pack 39 extras a fun part of the site.  The extras include fun, cool, and helpful links.  A photo gallery where other members of the troop can share the photos with others in the troop.  A Video Gallery which includes How to Videos.  Also, troop members can share videos with other troop members.  An arcade to play fun and neat games.  Also, important Documents to see all important documents for events.  

The Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery is where pictures can be viewed and shared.  Pictures can be saved to desktop and or flash drive and be printed.  Also they can be shown in a slide show.  Share your pictures with the rest of the troop by uploading them to our Photo Gallery.  To go to the Photo Gallery click here.

Links Page

Do you need requirements.  Do you have a question about scouting.  Would you like to learn something new.  Try the Links Page.  For all links that will answer many questions.  To go the Links Page click here.

The Video Gallery

Share your videos with the rest of the pack.  Also, unsure how to do something on the site try our how-to videos.  To go to the Video Gallery click here.

The Arcade

In the mood for some games?  Go to this safe, fun websight to play some fun games by clicking here.

Important Documents

Did you miss place a paper or delete an email with an important attachment.  That is okay because Pack 39 has you covered.  Try looking on the Important Documents page to see if it is on there.  To go the the Important Documents Page click here.  

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events

Academics & Sports Belt Loops & Pins

Scouts can work with their families on earning belt loops and pins any time throughout the year. Scouts can earn these achievements on a wide variety of subjects. Dianne has a book that you can look through and see if there is anything you'd like to work on with your son. Ask to see the book at any den meeting.

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