Pack 39

Do Your Best

Welcome to the Scout Guide Page

This page has information for scouts on the program and has basic information that a scout needs to know.  Hope you enjoy.  For more information on your Den click on your den above.  


The Ranks are:  






Arrow of Light

Go to the links page to find out the requirements for these awards and other elective patches.   

Each kid lights a candle when he moves up on rank 


Cub Scout Promise

your name, Promise 

 to do my best

To do my duty

to god and my country

to help other people

 to obey the law of the pack.

Law of the Pack

The Cub Scout Follows Alkela

The Cub Scout Helps the Pack go

The Pack helps the Cub Scout grow

The Cub Scout gives good will

The Cub Scout Sign

The Cub Scout Sign is when you put to fingers in the air.  These look like wolf ears (or peace sign.) It means 2 parts of promise to obey and to help other people.  It also means you are ready to listen to Alkela.  Give the sign when you say the scout oath or law.  When a leader puts the sign in the air that also means to be quiet.     

Cub Scout Handshake

To shake another scout or leader's hand Hold your right hand just as always.  Put to fingers along the inside of the others boy's (or leader's) wrist.  This means that you help and that you obey the Law of the Pack.   

The Cub Scout Motto

Do Your Best

When you play a game, do your best to help your team.  When you study in school, do your best to learn from your teacher.  When you help at home, do your best to help you family.  Whatever you do, do your best and you will succeed.

Cub Scout Salute

A salute is a way to show respect.  We salute the flag to show respect to our country.  For the Cub Scout salute, use your right two fingers as you do for the Cub Scout sign.  Keep the two straight fingers close together.  Touch the tips of those fingers to your cap.  If you are not wearing a cap, touch your right eyebrow.   

The Bobcat Trail

The Bobcat Trail is a simple rank to earn.  The Requirements are pretty much based on the information that is listed above to see the the requirements refer to your Handbook or go to the Links Page